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Welcome to the information page for the ESC-20 Texas School Bus Driver Online Re-Certification. 


Session 98392  will available until August 1, 2024 for registration and the course will END August 14, 2024. 


Participants must complete the course in 14 days from the start of the course, this INCLUDES the final exam portion. NO EXTENSIONS will be provided


Customer Support
Registration - For issues with registering for the Online Recertification course, not receiving the confirmation email, or if your Connect 20 account is disabled:

Phone: 210-370-5671

Email: [email protected]


ESC-20 University Support - For issues within the courses i.e. not being able to move forward to the next module:

Email: [email protected]


Transportation Services - For all other problems:

Web: Transportation Self-Service Forms Website

Phone: 210-370-5203

Email: [email protected]


The Online Recertification course must be completed in its entirety in 14 days, this include the final Proctored Test. No extensions will be provided. The course will be reset to Module 1 after payment.

No Purchase Orders  will be accepted for Resetting course.


This course has been developed by ESC-20 and approved by the Texas Department of Public Transportation to meet the refresher requirements for school bus Drivers in Texas. It is available to you 24/7. Your time is a valuable commodity and we want to do what we can to enable you to take this course in such a way it will fit into your busy lifestyle.

  • Your driver’s license number (Commercial Class B with P and S endorsement)
  • The Texas School Bus Driver online course fee is $60.00    
  • A proctor for the final exam.
  • 8 hours within the 14 days of registration of the course. 
The current course is an 8-hour course and must be completed within 14 days of the start of the course. There will be no refunds for courses not completed within 14 days of the start of the course.

Online Recertification Course: 

Session 90948 

Proctors, you will no longer test under proctor login.  To test the driver please follow the instructions below:

Please scroll down to review the Proctor Instructions and Expiration Date Examples documents.


Proctor List


For current proctors, if you are getting error messages, if possible, take a screen shot or copy the error message and contact Randal Casteel.


If you have more specific questions, please contact Randal Casteel at 210-370-5203.