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Self-Service Forms

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New School Bus Driver Forms


Enrollment Certification Application Form  **Click on the PDF document below**

For those have never driven a school bus and are new drivers to your district.  You can request Enrollment Certificates for new drivers in order for them to drive immediately upon us verifying with DPS that they’re eligible for the Enrollment Certificate.


You will need to save the form and then email it to Transportation Staff as an attachment.  This form is to request an Enrollment Certificate.  If you need corrections, please click on the "Other Frequently Used Forms" drop-down option below and select the "Certification Card Errors Form".


Online Recertification Form

For those individuals that have completed their Online Recertification course within the 14 day timeframe DPS allows for but have not tested with their proctor, due to the proctor being unavailable.


If you have not completed the course within 14 days,  and your find that your course has been locked,

this indicates you did not complete in its entirety within 14 days. The course thumbnail  on the start page when you logged in  each time , shows the date the course is set to close. 

Failure to complete within this time needs to be conveyed to your proctor. Your proctor may contact ESC20 on your behalf to request an appeal. 

Replacement Cert. Card Order Form

The cost for a replacement card (current or expired) is $20.00.  Applies to all cards 30 days beyond the class dateTo be completed for all requests, including name changes, errors, or any other changes that need to be made. 


If you are wanting to check a drivers status please use this form as well there is no fee for this.



This form is for errors on your recertification or certification cards.



What is my current certification expiration status?

To check the current expiration status of your bus driver certification card.



Confirmation Email Form

If you have registered for a Bus Driver Recertification or Certification course and have not received the automatically generated "registration confirmation" email.


To re-enable your Connect 20 Account

This form is for those individuals whose account has not been used in two years and has been deactivated.  If you are trying to create a Connect 20 account and the following message comes up, your account has been deactivated.


Proctors: To reset your password to Proctor Login

If you've forgotten your password to login as a Proctor, we can reset your password.