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Online Recertification Form

The Online Recertification Form is for those individuals that have completed their Online Recertification course within the 14 day timeframe DPS allows for but have not tested with their proctor.  If you have not completed the course within 14 days, your course has suspended.  You will need to complete this form to reactivate your account so the proctor will be able to administer your test.  Once the form has been processed, your name will be added to the testing database so you may take the test upon receipt of the payment. 

This applies only to those who have completed the ESC-20 (Education Service Center, Region 20) Online Recertification course.  If you have not completed the course and it's been longer than 14 days, you will be required to register and start again.  If you did the online course through another ESC, please contact them for further instructions.

The cost for reactivation of a suspended test is $20.00.
Once reactivation has been processed, final test with proctor must be completed within 72 hours of reactivation.

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